Gluten Free Fest (2) Fun lectures グルテンフリー フェスティバル(2) 楽しい講座

Not only checking the booths and trying to eat the food at gluten free Fest, another fun is lecture there.


(English) (Japanese 日本語はこちらから)

There are 2 days of lectures. I have been to Gluten Free expo 3 times in the past, and the lectures are usually very informative, scientific or medical point of view, and it is so serious? type of lectures. Yes, lots of learning from doctors, author, etc.

But, in this Gluten Free Fest, more fun lectures like dining guide, tips of gluten free travelers, dating with dietary restrictions, etc.

Yeah, true – hard to do travel or date with someone who doesn’t need the gluten free diet. I joined gluten free traveler.

2 cute young girls who are celiac and love traveling, and collecting all the information about the gluten free foods in many places (including the overseas) and restaurants and fun to listen to the lecture. Seems like they moved to New York since there are many gluten free choices in New York city…

Here is the information.

They said tips are…

1. Do your homework on local food

2. Speak the language (ask and tell chef about yourself, and accommodate the meals) or bring the card to explain about yourself to show to chef.

3. Contact airlines and hotels (seems like some airline has gluten free option for meals on airplane)

4. Pack for success (in case you can’t find the right food, bring Gluten Free foods in your bag. E.g. Gluten Free granola…

5. Stay flexible

And, useful tools are…
(They made their own site!)

Check social media, and use language tools like translation apps in case we can’t communicate by the local language.

Anyway, 2 young girls are very cute, and have been enjoying the trip, even they are celiacs. Also, enjoying local foods without gluten as part of trips. It was fun to listen to! (Enjoy some pictures of Brooklyn, NY below…)

(Japanese 日本語)



(ニューヨークのグルテンフリーのお店などのマップ  New York Map for Gluten Free restaurants)




  1. 旅行先のローカルの食事を下調べする
  2. その土地の言葉を(勉強して)少し話せるようにする(シェフに自分がセリアックで、こういうものは食べられないと言って、お料理を少し変えてもらえる)または、自分のことを説明する、カードなど用意しておく(話せない場合)
  3. 航空会社、ホテルにグルテンフリーと言っておく。(最近はある航空会社の機内食でグルテンフリーがあるようです)
  4. スーツケースなどに、最悪食べるものが見つからないときのために、簡単な食べ物を持っていく(グルテンフリー、グラノラやその他)
  5. フレキシブルに対応できるようにしておく




(ブルックリン、ニューヨークのウォールアート Wall art in Brooklyn NY)

(Who is this person on the street? My hubby who can’t eat gluten. さて前を歩いているのは誰でしょうか?グルテンフリーの私の主人です。)