Homemade Gluten Free Pizza 手作りグルテンフリー ピザ

How about fun time to make gluten free pizza with your kids during the summer?


(English) (Japanese 日本語はこちらから)

It was a good time to spend the time with my son for cooking, especially during long summer vacation! Now, he knows little by little how to cook and, hopefully will be  independent to feed by himself in near future.

We just followed the instruction, made the dough from scratch – This time, I used cup4cup brand gluten free pizza crust flour, added flax egg (flaxseed and water), needed the lots of power to kneed, and made the batter. Since one of my families doesn’t accept cheese for stomach, simply tomato sauce, ham and salami.

I am thinking to use different type of brand next time, and compare the taste. I believe my son had a good time to make his hands dirty to make a dough! Why don’t you try to cook with food education, together with your kid during the summer time? (Enjoy more pictures below)

(Just a dough – with olive oil right before baking. Brown dots are flaxseed meals. Smells earthly and nutty! ピザの生地にオリーブオイルを塗って。オーブンに入れる前。茶色の粒々はフラックスシードの粉です。香ばしい香りがします。)

(Japanese 日本語)




(After 7 minutes for baking of dough itself, add tomato sauce, ham, salami, then sprinkled little bit of rosemary. You can change to basil leaves, prosciutto or any ingredients you like. 7分間、生地だけ焼いた後で、トマトソース、ハム、サラミに少しローズマリーをかけました。お好みでバジルの葉、プロシュート(ハムの一種)などお好きなものをのせてみて下さい。)

(Baking is done with extra 7 minutes! もう7分間焼いて、焼き上がりました!)