World Diet Trend 世界の(健康な)食事のトレンド

I joined the seminar at Gluten Free expo – about World Diet Trend from healthy point of view.


(English) (Japanese 日本語はこちらから)

The sponsor is WASA from Sweden with chef from Italian pasta maker, Barilla – I know WASA makes gluten free hard bread, and they served the canape with their hard bread, salmon, capers and cream cheese to the people who joined this lecture.

First is Nordic diet – which is their origin. Lots of seafoods, lingonberries, potatoes, yogurt, roots vegetables and healthy choice. They eat the cheese, but more simple in overall on diet.

Second one is Latin American diet – as you see in Mexican foods, lots of beans, and gluten free corn tortilla, avocado, quinoa and more. So, it is refocused the diet now.

The third is Mediterranean diet – which is very popular and trend as healthy foods like hammus (chickpea), lots of olive oils, herbs like basil, thyme, rosemary, and seafoods and wines.

Chef also explained about the imagination from ingredients from those areas, and cook as healthy meals. What do you like to try with inspiration?

(Japanese 日本語)