My thoughts for new chapter of my life

My thoughts for new chapter of my life(新しい人生の扉への思い)

I have been working as computer programmer for more than 30 years – more than 10 years in Japan, and more than 20 years in New York area.

This picture is at 33rd and 5th avenue. It is only 1 block away from my old apartment building that I lived in when I came to New York on September, 1995. It was my neighborhood…

(日本語で in Japanese)  (English is here)



新しい扉を開けて、一歩先に歩いていくことにしました。自分の仕事もいかしながら、今度は自分のためではなく、いいえ、逆に自分のために、そして、少しでも沢山の人々の役に立てるように、Amical Table, LLCという会社を設立しました。グルテンフリーや健康食品をアメリカから特に日本の皆様に体験して頂けるように。(世界中にもニーズがあれば、配送します)Door to Doorにお届けし、またニーズがあれば、大量輸入のお手伝いや、健康に関連する事業も展開していきたいと思っています。新しいステップを踏み出すには勇気がいりますが、頑張っていきますね。応援よろしくお願いします。次のブログでは、起業とAmical Tableに至った経緯や、エピソードなど書いていきます。

(In English)

I am from Kobe, Japan, and I went through the tough time in Hanshin Daishinsai – Big earthquake in Hanshin area (Kobe, Osaka area – big cities in western Japan) on January 1995. I lived in the center of Kobe, called Sannomiya, and I lost almost everything, and I couldn’t lived in my apartment for more than 3.5 months. Kobe city was totally destroyed (like after World War II). I had a small injury, but luckily, I was fine, I didn’t lose anybody around me such as family and friends. I learned a lot from what is the most important thing in life – Yes, it is the people around you, and helping each other. And, I came over to New York in September 1995 to start my new job. Actually, I already applied and had an interview for this job on the year before, but I got a visa on June 1995 to be allowed to work officially in US. I lost almost all things – so, I came to NY with my books and clothes 🙂

First of all, I was an consultant and worked for many different types of Japanese companies in New York, and I changed the job twice as employee for Japanese banks as computer programmer. I worked so hard on day, night, midnight and weekend. It is not because of Japanese company, but I was working on development and support for important systems for especially in banks to run the business.

And, now…

I opened the door to walk towards to the future. I am using my skills as computer programmer, and not for myself, No, rather for myself and for many people that I can be part of support and helpful in society. So, I established the company, Amical Table, LLC in order to have experience of new healthy way of life, such as gluten free food and healthy foods especially for Japanese people. (Yes, We will send all over the world, if they order!) We send door to door, but, will help for importing as whole sale and like to expand to all related business for healthy life. You need to be brave to start new step sometimes. But, I will try my best and move on for the future. Please wish me luck and I hope you can encourage and be with me! I will write down the episode about how I decided to start my business as entrepreneur and company, Amical Table. Thank you.