Gluten Free Expo グルテンフリーエキスポ

It was a nice day, and I went to Gluten Free Expo in Secaucus, NJ with my family on last weekend.

There are so many people visiting and many booths there. This is the third time to go there, and it is always fun! I picked up or ate samples, asked the questions and grabbed the brochures, etc.

This time, I didn’t see anything special like brand new products like eye popping. But, Felt the passions for gluten free foods, and many more people are interested in.


I also saw the local restaurant and bakery I know. Fmmm, may go there next time!

(This is a local bakery : OM Sweet Home)

I picked up gluten free donuts for my son before. Pretty good!
I will post the lecture about world healthy foods at Expo in next blog. Stay tuned.