Why Gluten Free Life? + Natural Cosme

It has been 4 years since summer year 2014Gluten Free life started since then. My husband had been sick on stomach, and checked with many doctors, but nothing was found, but just was said “maybe” gluten…. Then, he checked all the information about wheat and any gluten products, then, changed the diet to be free from gluten!

He thought he felt much better and all the symptom has gone on stomach, and plus no more fatigue. He also stopped my son to eat gluten products, since it is not good for the brain. He said he could focus on more at school.

It was hard for me to cook at the beginning. Fmmmm… What shall I cook for them? I realized so many gluten products, even soy sauce and Japanese food I make many times.

But, I managed and found the better way for them to be happy! Now, I know so many products, restaurants and more, and started the business to offer gluten free foods now.

By the way, since I am automatically on gluten free diet with them, and I just realized my body changed. Once I take even small portion of gluten products (e.g. bread, etc) at restaurant, etc, then, I have fatigue and too sleepy that I even can’t get up, and ended up to lose precious daytime hours by sleeping.

I didn’t notice at the beginning, but, there are many occasions like that, and I stopped eating gluten products also.  How can I lose my important hours to enjoy?!

By the way, I recently made organic handmade lotion for me. It is a time to start dry air in chilly temperature. My skin (face) always cracks up by dry air and I need moisture!!!

I looked up a little, but there is nothing much about lotion (there are many info about handmade cream) So, I invented a little. It is easy and in low cost!


Mayumi’s handmade lotion (Organic Natural) – even you can drink? (taste?! 😦 )

Distilled Water (bought at WholeFoods) 250ml
Organic Aloe 1
Organic Cucumber 1
Organic Lemon 1.5

1. Cut up cucumber in chunk, and put in Vitamix (blender) to make juice. There are some small meats, so, filter the juice and use liquid juice only.

2. Cut the sides of Aloe. It is dangerous with spike. Then, cut up the aloe to take out jelly inside. Squeeze the lemon and take out lemon juice.

3. Add distilled water, cucumber juice, aloe jelly and lemon juice in Vitamix again, and blend well until everything is smooth.  That is all.

*Aloe gives bubbles on top after blending, but you can mix well slowly by hand, and bubble will be gone.

Cucumber and Lemon has lots of vitamin C, and Aloe gives moisture and antioxidant. Also, lemon eliminate the greenery smells.

I used for a couple of days so far. It is very gentle and doesn’t tighten my skin at all. I can apply a couple of times after I wash my face to absorb deep inside of skin. I will keep using and see how it goes! At least better than chemical lotion in high price. Let’s see.

It is a lot of lotions (maybe 3 bottles), so, I pour in the empty water bottle, and put in freezer. Because it is natural and organic, you can’t keep for long time. (easy to be rotten) I kept old hand soap bottle, and I pour the organic lotion for current use like this.

More Natural Life after gluten free diet???