What is Gluten Free?

What is Gluten Free? Let’s start to know about.

(Japanese 日本語) (English is here…)

グルテンとは麦、大麦(麦芽)、小麦、ライ麦や、関連製品等に含まれるたんぱく質の一種です。グルテンはパン、パスタ、ベーカリーで作られるケーキ等にもありますが、その他にも醤油、甘草、ビール、加工肉(ハム等)、化粧品、薬にも入っています。また麺やその他のたくさんの小麦を使った料理 (日本では、ラーメン、うどん、餃子、お好み焼き、たこ焼き、天婦羅、パン粉を使ったカツ、など多岐にわたります。)



What is “Gluten”???

Gluten is common name for certain types of proteins found in wheat, barley(Malt), Rye and derivatives. Gluten is commmonly found in breads, pasta and baked goods, but also be in present in products such as soy sauce, licorice, beer, processed meats, cosmetics and medications. We also have any types of foods by wheat such as noodles and any types of dishes made by wheat. (In Japan, ramen, gyoza, okonomiyaki, takoyaki, udon, tempura, panko (katsu), and more….)

So, commonly the food by flour – it is all over the place and hard to find the food without. Gluten Free life is tough? Some people have celiac disease and wheat allergy. So no choice. So, there are many foods created without flour in US. It is common to use rice flour in Japan, and we have more variety of healthy ingredients in US to enjoy the life.

In US, you can find lots of restaurants, bakeries, and regular supermarkets, not only the specialized stores for organic/healthy foods now. You can see the menu with GF mark (gluten free) and everyone feels safe and happy to select and eat the food in many places. It is now “new standard”!