Went to Gluten Free Food Fest! グルテンフリーフェスティバルに行ってきました!

How are you? There was Gluten Free food Fest in Brooklyn, NY, and I went there with my family last Sunday.


(Japanese 日本語) (English is here…)









It was located at Brooklyn Expo center in Greenpoint area. It is nice area with mixture of old and new buildings. They renovated the old warehouse to convert into cute stores or restaurants, lots of wall arts, and lots of new constructions for new residences in that area. It is across of East River and you can see beautiful Manhattan view. Here is some additional pictures!

I have been to this type of events 4 times in the past. As usual, there are many people and many booths, and lecture. At this event, the difference was demonstration there.

I joined the demonstration to make gluten free baguette by Gules (gfgules) who writes recipe to gluten free magazine.

And, joined the lecture was by 2 cute young girls about “Gluten Free Travelers”. It was fun and interesting information.

I will report the details about those info from next post! Stay tuned!