Vegan Ramen and Gluten Free and Vegan appetizer and sweets ビーガンラーメンと、グルテンフリー、ビーガンの前菜とスイーツ

It was last week, nice warm day. So many people and friends went to chef’s house, and enjoyed Vegan and Gluten Free foods and lots of conversations! Also became to know new friends there. I like to introduce chef’s creative and delicious dishes below. Enjoy with pictures!


Vegan and Gluten Free appetizers – 3 kinds – pear salad with walnuts, Spring roll with lots of vegetables like avocado, Nira (Chinese Chive), etc, And, simmered Nasu ( Japanese eggplant) and eringi mushroom.

ビーガンとグルテンフリーの前菜3種 ー 洋梨のサラダにくるみをトッピング、ニラ、アボカドなどいろんなお野菜の春巻き、茄子とエリンギの煮物

Vegan Ramen (unfortunately, not Gluten Free ramen noodles, but handmade noodles) Soup is made from all vegetables and so gentle, sensitive and tasty!

ビーガンラーメン(残念ながら、麺は自家製の手打ちだけど、グルテンフリーではないです) スープは全て野菜から作っていて、とっても優しく、繊細で味も抜群に美味しかったです。

Lastly, Vegan and Gluten Free Desert – of course, dairy free. Apple cake. So yummy! with roasted coffee by chef.